Writing for digital media: Working as a film extra

Last November, I worked as a background extra for the HBO drama ‘Camelot’. The show was filmed in  RTÉ’s Ardmore studios in Bray.

I remember the excitement of wondering what role I was going to play and what the costume was going to be like. I had visions of beautiful ornate 6th century dresses and jewellery but, since it was the dark ages and I was just an extra, my duty was to the queen as I was a ‘Pendragon servant’.

My costume consisted of: a black maxi dress with a floor length dark red apron and a green long sleeve jacket with the ‘Pendragon’ crest sown onto the chest.  My hair was back-combed and braided and because the look was dark ages my make-up was literally just brown face paint and water sponged onto my face, neck, and hands (we had to look scruffy). It was funny to see everyone in medieval costumes standing around the set smoking, texting, and listening to their ipods!

The day was mainly sitting in an old double decker bus waiting to be called to film . The actual filming was quite fun but the novelty of it ended after an hour of standing in the rain repeating the same movements and expressions over and over again. Overall, working as an extra is an exciting experience but, it can be a very tiring one too.

Noun-common noun-jacket



Verb-regular-I worked

Adverb- quite, just


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