Writing for digital media: Fictional piece

It was 3:00am on a cold, windy October night. As I lay in bed sleeping, I was woken by the noise of my cat crying downstairs. It wasn’t her usual cry. It sounded different, as if she was threatened by something. I reluctantly got out of bed, to see what was bothering her, she was probably just hungry. I slowly pushed myself up and tapped around the ground with my feet trying to get my slippers on. It was cold, eerily cold. As I reached the end of the stairs I went to find the light switch in the dark stretching my arms out like an egyptian mummy. After what felt like five minutes of feeling around the wall I eventually found the switch. Nothing happened. It was strange, I thought my dad had changed the bulb just a few days ago. Suddenly I felt someone grab my wrist tightly. I fell to the floor screaming trying to free my arm of this terrifying person I could not see. After a few seconds of screaming and shouting I felt the heavy pressure of something hard hitting my head.

I woke up in a strange room lit by a dull incandescent bulb that flickered on and off. My head was sore. I couldn’t see clearly; everything was hazy. The room was cold and almost empty. There was an old wooden chair in the middle of the floor and a metal table against the wall. The walls were off white in colour and the ceiling was covered in cob webs and damp patches. I wept in pain as I went in an out of consciousness. My attempt to escape was short lived as I noticed my ankle had been chained to the wall. I had an overwhelming sense of danger and fear. I could feel it in my stomach. ‘Why was I here?’, ‘Who took me here?’, ‘Was I going to die?’, I wanted my mam. I started to cry as these thoughts ran through my mind. My head hung down towards the floor and I watched the tears fall down onto my bare feet.

I quickly sat up in fear as I heard footsteps come towards the door. I was about to come face to face with the person who had abducted and chained me up. ‘I’m going to die’, I thought as the steps became louder. The door handle moved slowly downwards. The sweat and tears rolled down my cheeks. I sat still in fear. Then suddenly two Gardaí came into the room and ran over to me. I was in shock. I felt both happiness and disbelief. “You’re okay!”, “Don’t worry you’re safe now”. One of the gardaí went to unchain me from the wall, while the other placed a blanket around my shoulders. It was all over I was safe now.


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