Writing for digital media: Journalistic piece Gaddafi killed in hometown

Last thursday, the 20th of October, Muammar Gaddafi was captured and killed by Libyan rebels. It has been more than two months since revolution swept across the nation. Gaddafi aged 69, had ruled Libya for almost 42 years and had become number one most wanted after Osma bin Laden was killed.

After being on the run for weeks Gaddafi was found hiding in a concrete storm drain outside his hometown of Sirte after his convoy was hit by air raids. He was taken by rebels and was beaten before being shot in the stomach and temple. As he was beaten he said ‘Don’t you know right from wrong?’ and, ‘God forbids this’. ‘He took their blood – they had to take his,’ the senior minister  said. ‘We couldn’t have stopped them even if we had tried. It was their due after seeing their brothers killed.’

When news spread of his death,  there was huge celebration across Libya, with people dancing on the street and rebels firing weapons into the air in joy. He is going to be buried in a secret location so that it cannot become a pilgrimage site for pro gaddafi loyalists.


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