Tone,mood and style assignment – Comedy

A woman is walking alone through a park. She trips and almost falls, looks around embarrassed, and sees a man smiling at her. She is even more embarassed as, not only did he witness her almost falling flat on her face, but she realises he is actually really attractive and gorgeous. He was tall dark and handsome. Her ideal man.

She let out a nervous laugh as she adjusted her scarf, which twisted around her neck when she almost fell. The man stood silent in the same position still smiling at her.

The woman did not know which way to look or which way to move. The silence made the situation even more awkward than it already was. She thought to herself, ‘maybe he is going to ask me out or something’,’He is so gorgeous, I can’t believe he is still smiling at me,’. She suddenly felt her right foot was getting strangely warm. She looked down to see a dog which the man held on a lead, urinating on her new boots. 

Before she had a chance to say anything in shock and disgust, the man opened up his arms, as what appeared to be his wife brushed past the woman, (almost knocking her over again), and into his arms. The woman never felt so silly before in her life. 


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