Tone,mood and style assignment – Tragedy

A woman is walking alone through a park. She trips and almost falls, looks around embarrassed, and sees a man smiling at her.

He looked so familiar to her, but she couldn’t figure out who he was. He was quite a good looking man, and she found herself  attracted to him. “Hello, long time no see”, he said, in a low, stern voice. The woman replied nervously, as she still could not figure out who he was, “Eh, hello! yes long time no see”. “You don’t remember me do you?”, he said. The woman replied, “Of course I do you’re, ehm, Ma-“; before she could say anymore the man interrupted her, “It’s Henry actually”. His voice became more and more angry as he went on, ” you know, the guy you bullied in secondary school for years”.

Her stomach flipped. ‘Henry’, she thought. ‘Oh god. I can’t believe it’. “Wow, Henry, god it has been years. You look great. I am so sorry about that. It was a very long time ago”.  The woman felt extremely uncomfortable as all the memories of secondary school came back to her. She had completely forgotten about Henry, and how her and her school friends gave him a hard time. His appearance had changed dramatically.

Henry stared into her eyes. A look of disgust swept across his face as she spoke. “A very long time ago”, he said. ” The scars have never left me. You may have forgotten and gotten on with you’re life, but I will always be haunted with the pain you inflicted on me”.  The woman felt awful. She had no idea how much she had effected him. She could smell alcohol on his breath and noticed he had his hand in his pocket the entire time.

The woman suddenly felt uneasy. What was in his pocket? “Henry, I am sorry I really am,I know it doesn’t mean much now but  please try to forgive me. I was a stupid teenager. I didn’t think about anyone but myself”. Henry’s face welled up in tears as she tried to apologise. He looked unstable and extremely upset. “Shut up! shut up!”, he shouted. Henry pulled a knife out of his pocket and stabbed the woman in the stomach. She screamed as the knife tore through her skin. Henry dropped the knife, and quickly ran off, leaving her there.

The woman awoke in a hospital bed, to see her mother holding her hand, sitting by her side. She moaned in pain and she looked down at her wound. “You’re going to be okay love”, her mother said gently. There was a newspaper sitting on the locker beside her bed. The headline caught the woman’s eye: ‘Local man hangs himself after stabbing woman in park’.


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