Digital media

First year

Visual communications: Form and space

Represented ‘confined and liberated’ using squares

Represented ‘Isolation and connection’ using dots/circles

Represented ‘Order and chaos’ using triangles

Visual creativity: Graphic 60

We were asked to pick a shape (I chose a teapot) and represent it 60 times using different designs and techniques.

Here are some of my teapots 🙂

Visual communctions: Typography portrait:

Using the Bauhaus 63 font I created a typography portrait in Adobe illustrator.

Visual communications: Poster design- Natural history museum

We were asked to design a poster to promote the museum of natural history Dublin, using Adobe illustrator.

Universal Design- In groups we had to represent the seven principles of universal design.

We decided to design a poster, using Adobe illustrator.

Multimedia Authoring

Character design: We were asked to design children’s cartoon characters using adobe flash. I came up with this wizard and dragon 🙂

Second year:

Digital video 1: Documentary film

We were asked film a documentary on the subject of our choice. I chose to film the Kitten Cottage, Ireland’s first shelter for cats.

Visual communications 2: Logo design

Logo I designed for visual communications 2. Tipi designs.



Visual communications 2: illustration & book cover design.

We were asked to illustrate stories written by primary school children. The stories and illustrations will be printed into a book. I got the opportunity to design the front and back cover, using Adobe illustrator and In design.

Here is my illustration:


Here is the book cover:

front cover

back cover






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